Trams during pregnancy are prescribed in connection with the appearance of bleeding from the genital tract. Normally, during pregnancy, only white should be from the genital tract - the discharge of white color, which do not cause any itching, burning, or other subjective symptoms. The appearance of bloody discharge always indicates a complicated course of pregnancy. This is a symptom of a threatening or beginning miscarriage. These conditions need immediate treatment, as they create a real threat to the embryo/fetus. The treatment of miscarriage is based on the use of drugs that reduce the tone of the uterus, as well as on the use of hemostatic (hemostatic) drugs.

At a later period of pregnancy, bloody discharge can be a sign of premature detachment of the placenta, in the treatment of which hemostatic drugs must also be used. One of them is transexes. This is the drug of the latest generation, which shows high effectiveness during pregnancy.

Trams during pregnancy - an effective hemostatic drug

The acting substance of the drug is a transxamic acid.

This drug belongs to the hemostatic group, which effectively suppress fibrinolysis (this is the stage in the work of a coagulation system, which consists in dissolving the formed blood clots, which is manifested by bleeding).

In addition, the Tramsam has additional properties that are less expressed. We are talking about the anti -allergic and anti -inflammatory activity of the drug. They are associated with the fact that the production of kinins is suppressed - special substances that determine the above reactions.

Side effects of transexama

Trams during pregnancy are well tolerated, but in some cases side effects may develop. These include allergic reactions, nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness. With rapid intravenous administration, blood pressure may decrease sharply. The risk of developing thromboembolic complications when using a transhasa by pregnant women almost zero.

Contraindications for the appointment of a tranxam during pregnancy

The drug should not be used in the following cases:

- thrombosis (increased blood coagulation, which can lead to strokes and other complications);
- violations of the organ of vision;
- bleeding from the urinary tract, as their blockage can develop with the subsequent development of acute renal failure;
- hemorrhage in the brain (subarachnoid). Meanwhile, Booi Casino is gaining in popularity among players from all over the world. You can check out the full review on our website right now.
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