The collection of sea buckthorn fruits along one berry is a very laborious matter, since the fruits firmly attached to short stalks are crushed. The juice of fresh fruits, containing acid, corrodes the fingers.
Therefore, in Siberia, sea buckthorn is collected after the first frosts, when the fruits freeze and harden: under the bush of sea buckthorn they spread a harsh fabric or burlap and, easily hitting the branches with a stick, knock down berries on it.
Sometimes they use one more method of collecting - by clarification of frozen fruits using hooks made of thin wire. At the same time, twigs with fruits are often broken down, which greatly damages the plant and leads to a decrease in productivity, since damaged branches are not fruiting for several years. If young plants are subjected to such a breaking of branches, then this is fraught with the fact that it will constantly be in the period of increased growth and will not reach maturity, which means it will not give a high crop.


To facilitate the collection of fruits, attempts have been made and attempt to improve and facilitate this time -consuming process by creating various devices: hooks and forks made of wire, tin cans with jagged sharp edges in the form of a comb, small sharp scissors, etc. However, not one of the above means ensured any significant relief of the process.
In small areas and in small gardens, manual fruit collection is quite possible. So that the berries do not break and do not crack when falling on the fabric, you can use a special, apron receiver. To do this, the wire curved in a circle (diameter 80 cm) is sheathed with cotton cloth.
The design on the back and on the neck with the ends of the braid is tied so that the apron holds in a horizontal position.
You can open and hang an old umbrella on the lower branch or collect fruits in a special birch bark tray or a basket tied on a belt.
The fruits are best collected with the thumb and forefinger, moving from the base of the branch to the top, so as not to injure the hand with spikes; Many collectors put on their hands old leather gloves that protect against spikes injections.
With proper and careful care from each female plant, you can get 5-10 kg of berries, and sometimes even more.
After collecting the fruits, they are cleaned of extraneous impurities and either immediately processed or frozen.
Frozen fruits are perfectly preserved for 6-7 months. Store fruits in bags in cool, well -ventilated rooms. 

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