Absolutely any player, betting at virtual casino pokies online, dreams to beat it and become a happy owner of big winnings. However, among all the abundance of slots it is very difficult to choose exactly the model that will be able to please the player and provide a real chance to win. How do you find a catalog of gaming machine that will bring you the most luck? What better to choose, Crazy Monkey, Banana Splash, "Resident" or Sizzling Hot? Now we look at five sound advice that will help you decide this question.

Tip for the game

Always calculate the time of the slot machine. Thanks to this method, players will be able to assess the results of the slot. In order to determine the timing of the machine, players need to investigate how often it gives out winnings, and what is the frequency of this phenomenon. In this way it is possible to determine winning trends, and learn to understand the course of the game. For example, it has long been known that if Crazy Monkey slot or any other slot for a long time provides small winnings, it means that soon it will allow players to get a big prize.

Do not make in the same slot machine too many bets. Often there are situations where the slot machine provides successful conditions of the game, but this is how the player automatically finds himself in his own trap. Naturally, he continues to spin the reels for a long period of time, receives winnings, but they are not too large. And then suddenly there is a loss, which is much more serious than all the winnings received up to that point.

Do not choose slot machines with progressive jackpots that are not obviously successful. Most likely, they do not give out winning combinations with the frequency that players expect, so if none of the users does not tend to bet in this machine, then you should not mess with it. For example, the famous Banana Splash gives the jackpot much less often than the no less popular Crazy Monkey.

Slots with high limits. Of course, they require players to invest solid sums. But the likelihood of winning at progressive slots in such circumstances is much higher than when playing with a minimum investment.

Pay attention to the cyclicality of the slot. Almost all slot machines operate on a special cycle. There is not a single slot, which has a uniform process of playing. It turns out that at some point the slot machine will give out large sums, and in this period you should definitely be in the game.

I suggest to check these tips yourself on the machine Crazy Monkey. He is considered one of the most "giving".

The above tips are sure to help you choose the slot machine in which to break the score will be much easier. And those slots in which there is no possibility of real gains, let them always remain on the sidelines.

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