Bravo for the Arts

Bravo for the Arts

Bravo for the Arts 2020

Proclamation & Awards

Indiana Arts Commission Regional Initiative Grant Recipients

North Central Health Services Grant Recipients

Bravo for the Arts celebrates the arts and recognizes outstanding people, programs, and partners who are helping grow the arts in our community. In addition to serving as an annual convening of arts and community leaders, the luncheon highlights cultural organizations through the presentation of North Central Health Services Capital Grants and Indiana Arts Commission Regional Initiative Grants. Bravo also honors an individual and area business through the presentation of two awards, the John Corey Award and the Bravo Award.

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Bravo Awards

Bravo Awards are presented to businesses that have made significant contributions to arts and culture organizations, including financial assistance or in-kind donations or by providing volunteers for events, boards or projects.

Past Years Recipients

2019 Dave Taylor Electric
2018 Kettelhut Construction
2017 Brent Laidler
2016 People’s Brewing Company
2015 Huston Electric
2014 Henriott Group
2013 Arni’s Restaurants – Cohen Family
2012 Reed & Company
2011 Pay Less Kroger
2010 Wilson Industrial Sales Company (Newton County)
2009 Salin Bank
2008 Kirby Risk & Kitchenart
2007 Chris Brown Properties
2006 Bison Financial Group
2005 Purdue Employees Federal Credit & Wahl Architecture
2004 Bank One and Bank One Foundation & Farmer’s State Bank of Brookston
2003 Insight Communications & Weast Music
2002 Eli Lilly and Co/Tippecanoe Laboratories & Lafayette Life Insurance

John Corey Arts Leadership Award

John Corey Arts Leadership Award is given each year to a person who exhibits and embodies leadership in the arts. A John Corey Arts Leadership Award recipient regularly demonstrates their commitment to the arts and advances the role of the arts.

Past Years Recipients

2019 Dan McCain
2018 Melissa Bishop
2017 Regan Eckstein
2016 Karen Moyars
2015 Sara Mummey
2014 Margot Marlatt
2013 Eric Van Cleave
2012 Bonnie Zimmer
2011 Scott Freeman
2010 David Lahr
2009 Virgil St. John
2008 Kathryn & Howie Clark
2007 Todd Wetzel
2006 Charlie Shook
2005 Sheila Klinker
2004 Sonya Margerum
2003 Suzie Coles
2002 Jim Bodenmiller
2001 John Corey