600-610 Main St, Lafayette, IN 47901, USA

Atarilogic works from a canvas as broad as the cityscape, drawing from urban motifs and using found sounds/objects and the city’s debris. Translating popular images and rare samples into striking landscapes and propaganda, Atarilogic creates art from contemporary themes and current events. Icons become spokespeople and machines are the message in a gritty world populated by cartoon animals and celebrity robots.

Using modern street technique and media, the artist works with samples, keyboards, traditional instruments, aerosol, stencils, found sound, poster print, stickers, experimental techniques, trash and dollar bin readymade in both traditional and unorthodox capacities. His process involves subverting modern themes and ironies with bitter humor and keen cultural sense. Propaganda is elevated to high art – blaring from the speakers on a black Cadillac, scrawled across the asphalt and brick of society’s walls.

Atarilogic works in many different styles from high contrast to sculpture, modern baroque and graffiti. Re-appropriation figures highly in his artistic mission; nothing is sacred. With a tongue-in-cheek approach to politics and dissent, Atarilogic creates modern sounds and art as vehicles for social change.

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