“The investment and support of the Wells Building project speaks to the wholehearted confidence of the greater community in the Tippecanoe Arts Federation as the regional hub and provider of arts programs and services. We’re excited to be a key part of setting the vision for the creative sector’s future.” 
 – Tetia Lee, Executive Director






About the Capital Campaign for the Wells Community Cultural Center

After more than ten years of analysis, public feedback, study, and research, and one year of construction, the Tippecanoe Arts Federation is proud to announce the end of its capital campaign for the Wells Community Cultural Center! The main goals of the project were to renovate the interior of the existing building and to house new amenities. TAF’s goal for this project was $3,000,000.

The Wells Building is located at the heart of the Lafayette-West Lafayette Community at 638 North Street and serves as an anchor facility for the state-designated Tippecanoe Arts & Cultural District. A gift from Dr. Albert Wells to the City of Lafayette in 1926, this building served for many years as the main branch of the Tippecanoe County Public Library.

The renovations make it possible to better serve our member organizations and the community as we fulfill our mission to grow the arts. Providing artist studios, classrooms for After School Arts Programs for students, meeting spaces for local arts organizations, gallery spaces, and much more, the renovations serve as more than an “update,” they symbolize the future of arts in our community.

Making it our mission to provide cultural and artistic experiences to the community, the demand for renovations grew as did the changing dynamics in our area. With the new additions, we are able to better serve our member organizations, underserved communities, and at-risk youth. We are uplifted by the good work that TAF has been able to accomplish towards cultural and artistic education in our community over the years. As the demand for our services grows, the need for modernized makerspace, classrooms, and a performance area has risen to a top community priority. Through our updated space we are able to reach families and students, now more than ever, as we work to level the playing field for creatives of all ages in our community. It’s powerful to see a space transform talent and ideas, as the Wells Community Cultural Building has done for decades, making artistic magic come to life for thousands of community members all under one roof. As we continue towards the future of expanded services and resources for arts in our area, we stand empowered knowing each of us has the opportunity to aid change in our own community.

“To be the strong foundation of the arts in the region, it is vitally important for TAF to have the capacity to provide professional-level resources and facilities. Many organizations and individuals are dependent on TAF to provide programs and services that no one else can or will. This capital campaign helps us achieve this and with it, the economic and community development of our region. We are the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network and our success is dependent on our interconnectedness and ability to elevate our collective quality of place.” – Tetia Lee, Executive Director