Mural Art Initiative

Mural Art Initiative

The Mural Art Initiative is a collaborative educational outreach program that serves area at-risk and underserved youth populations. The three primary objectives of this multi-faceted program are to:

  •  beautify community areas
  •  visually promote the clear benefit of arts in the community
  •  provide life-long positive impact on all project participants

The first Mural Art Project was initiated in the spring of 2008 as a collaboration between Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Cary Home for Children, and the City of Lafayette Parks Department. Since that time, the program has been successfully implemented in 8 counties throughout North Central Indiana adding over a dozen public pieces of art to the region.

The Tippecanoe Arts Federation recognizes the increasing value of public art in quality of life throughout North Central Indiana. To help increase awareness of the vast amount of public art that is located throughout the region, TAF has developed a Public Art Map where residents and visitors may view public art.

Photo of Mural Art Party

Lafayette Mural – 2009

Monticello Mural – White County – 2010

West Lafayette Mural – Tippecanoe County – 2010

Wabash Heritage Trail Mural – Tippecanoe County – 2011

Benton County Mural – 2011

Inner Alley Symphony – Tippecanoe County – 2012

People, Places, & Patterns of Pulaski County – 2012

Kokomo Mural – Howard County – 2012

Cass County Mural – 2012

The Making of Robot Mural under US 52 West on 43 North – 2012

Robots – Tippecanoe County – 2012

Jazz Action Heroes – Tippecanoe County- 2013

Montgomery County Mural – 2013

(Dis)connect – Tippecanoe County – 2013


Two Cities – Tippecanoe County – 2013

Jammin’ – 2013

Bauer Community Center – 2014

Haywood Printing – 2014

Lafayette Theater – 2014

Flora – 2014

Rensselaer – 2016

This program is made possible through funding from:

The Mural Art Initiative is also made possible with funding from: