The Tippecanoe Arts Federation provides opportunities for regional artists to display their work at the Wells Community Cultural Center in downtown Lafayette. Originally built as a memorial library in 1926, the Wells Community Cultural Center features three galleries that showcase a broad range of talents and media.

TAF is not currently accepting exhibition proposals. Check back in the fall of 2019 for the next opportunity.

Exhibitions at the Wells Community Cultural Center are selected through a juried process. The building which acts as a hub for the arts in Greater Lafayette also serves as venue for regional, contemporary art embedded in a multidisciplinary, accessible, and community-driven space.

Emerging artists who have not previously shown at TAF are encouraged to apply. Exhibitors who have previously shown at the Wells Building are also welcome to apply, but should note that submissions must contain at least 80% new work at the time of application.

To ensure high quality and variety in exhibitions, a panel of jurors will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Professionalism: All requested materials and documents are complete and thoroughly address the application questions. All portfolio examples are high quality.
  • Artistic Excellence: Strength of the artworks is shown based on technique, concept of work, execution, and application of artistic abilities.
  • Artistic Merit: All work is original in concept and /or presentation.
  • Appropriateness: The exhibition is suitable for a multi-use space and a broad community audience.
  • Alignment with TAF’s Mission: Because the Tippecanoe Arts Federation strives to serve artists of all skills and abilities, special considerations may be taken to increase the diversity in the artwork shown at TAF. For example, an exhibition may be given to emerging artists as a means to help teach and develop their career.