TAP for TAF 2014 was a huge  success!
The weather was perfect and the attendees and location were too!

Thank you to Dan St. John and the Village Bottle Shoppe; Tippecanoe County Commissioners Byers, Murtaugh and Knochel; Allen Nail and the Tippecanoe County Parks Department; Mike See, Kyle and Candice Gentry of Beat Society; the City of Lafayette; Pete and crew from Blichmann Engineering; Dr. Linda Swihart and the Tippecanoe County Homebrewers; Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls; the Purdue LaCrosse Team;  each and every one of the  wonderful volunteers; the incredible people of Big Dawg, Brugge, Cutters, Flat 12, Fountain Square, Half Moon, Lafayette, Outlier’s, People’s, Power House, Sun King, Thr3e Wise Men and Triton Breweries; and of course all of the attendees who made the event great this year!

TAP is the Arts Federation’s premiere new event highlighting the growing interest in craft beers and craft or microbreweries. Craft brewer is a brewery which produces a limited amount of beer, and is associated by consumers with innovation and uniqueness. In the United States, the American Brewers Association defines an American "craft brewery" as "small, independent and traditional", and gives a production size of less than 6,000,000 US beer barrels a year, further grouping them as microbrewery: annual production less than 15,000 US beer barrels.

As an inclusive arts organization, TAF celebrates all forms of the arts including the craft behind brewing beer. TAP is an annual event that brings together select Indiana breweries that are producing the finest in craft beer. Individuals attending learn to develop a palette for tasting, food parings and techniques for brewing. Attendees also have the opportunity to meet the brewers from each participating brewery and learn specific aspects of what inspired each brew.

TAP is an exclusive fund raising event for the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and provides the funds to offer arts programs and services to the 14 county region the Arts Federation serves in North Central Indiana.